in prep

Here are a few snippets of code that are in preparation for full release.


I have recently made a javascript version of my SUMMON library. Here are a few examples: 01_basics.html, 02_basics.html, and 03_tree.html.


This library allows one to visualize very custom genome browser tracks within a host genome browser web page (e.g. UCSC, Ensembl, generic). Custom tracks are are built and controlled using javascript. Data displayed within tracks can be fetched using AJAX.


The purpose of this library is to provide a way to inject your own HTML elements into a web-based genome browser. Mashome provides a simple interface for responding to view changes (moving and zooming along the chromosome) so that only a minimal amount of extra code is needed to create a custom track. This library should be used in cases where a typical track (BED file, WIG file, etc) is not suitable for the information you wish to plot. In general, one should be able to visually align any arbitrary plot next to a native genome browser track and use the existing genome browser's UI to navigate both the genome and one's plot.

You can read more about it here or on its github page. I also have a demo of a stub genome browser using mashome here.
Last Updated: August 16, 2012